Zealandia is a nation that was set up as a haven from the war between Boon and Swift by former citizens of both sides wishing to escape the eternal bloodshed. It is located far to the northwest of the Swiftish lands and to travel there is extremely perilous as one has to pass through dangerous mountain passes before making it to a huge wasteland. Past this wasteland is Zealandia.

The Unnamed Haven

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Town of Zealandia

Before Zealandia was the established haven against the constant bloodshed of the Eternal War, Zealandia only referred to a small town in the far northwest corner of the Unnamed Haven. Zealandia bordered the West Sea and was close to the Dwarven Mountains to the north. In the province that I forgot the name of it was under protection by the Lord who provided soldiers who policed and defended the town from the demons that regularily attacked the settlements close to the mountains. The town existed like this for quite some time under the lords protection. The demons in the mountains seemed to continue to grow stronger no matter how many of them the soldiers killed.

Eventually, due to what the lord saw as a futile effort and because of political problems and possible war, the soldiers were withdrawn and Zealandia was left to its fate. During this time an old war veteran, Isaiah was stepped up to take charge of the town and use his knowledge from years of warfare to defend the town. Many of the residents of Zealandia were untrained in combat due to how few problems the town had dealt with over several generations. Isaiah helped teach people how to make crude spears and improve the walls and fortifications against the assaults of the demons. In a few years Zealandia was reduced to little more than a shell of what it used to be. Many of the inhabitants had died. However, very few had left. It was deeply ingrained in the Zealandian people to defend thier home, there was nowhere else to go if it was destroyed. Isaiah led the people as best he could, but the enemy was limitless, and the Zealandian people were streched beyond belief. After three years, despair had begun to creep into Isaiah's heart, for he knew he could not protect the people entrusted to him for much longer. It was fateful then, that a small group of weary travellers just as desparate as they happened upon the small ravaged town. These travellers were Barak, Carol, Brian, Langdon, and Stein and they were fleeing both the Boonish and Swiftish Realms.

These five warriors promised to fight against the demons terroizing the village if they were given a place to make thier home. Although Mayor Isaiah saw little chance that five warriors would have a chance at turning the tide against an enemy such as the Mawri demons, after much persuasion, he gave them leave to stay in one of the ravaged houses that had not been occupied for nearly a year.

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Nation of Zealandia

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First Zealandian Civil War

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Second Zealandian Civil War

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The Demon War

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Third Zealandian Civil War

So, a few hundred years after the Demon War, Zealandia is in political shambles, the military leaders are all corrupt and working together for personal gain, possibly even some under the hand of Swift. Relations with the Dwarves and the Elves have become tense. The unflinching loyalty to their leaders is working against the Zealandian warriors as they become more oppressive and Zealandia is being pushed towards almost a police state. Voices that speak up against the changes are silenced and heroes are slandered as traitors. Pockets of resistance slowly grow in number but are frozen from acting for they are politically powerless and no match for the elite warriors led by the corrupt commanders. The once shining White Crows have become a secret police, their perfected covert operation skills have been turned against the people in the worst way imaginable. The once honourable Black Wolves that guard the border now bar immigration, executing all who seek refuge in what was once a haven. The Watchers no longer train the masses, for the corrupt leaders know that if the populous is no longer a trained militia, they will never stand a chance at an open revolt. Due to the circumstances, many of the dwarves, poorly treated in recent decades have pulled deep into their mountains once again, leaving the humans to their corruption.

However, heroes new and old are making a stand, prepared to fight and die for the Zealandia that should be, disgusted with the Zealandia that is. The fighting begins covertly, when Nomad, a disillusioned former White Crow, forges his son Kaethis into a weapon for vengeance against the honourless leader of the White Crows.

Adriel, an incorruptible warrior fuelled by memories of her mentors stands to lead the White Crows as Cormorant did some three thousand years ago against tyranny after the crooked commander was felled. The White Crow’s base in Viriathus, becomes a staging ground in the fight against the rest of the nation. The rebels rally to the banner raised by Darius, who is an ancient general from Barak’s time, to do battle against their brothers to gain the freedom that was promised them when the land was formed. The rebels gain the trust of the king after evidence of the treachery by the military commanders is brought to light. Loyal to the king and led by Galvarino, the Watchers gather their most skilled students and join the resistance.

Using weapons and skills never before seen anywhere in the world, Kaethis the hero that was pivotal in overthrowing the corrupt Thanos, former leader of the White Crows, single handedly captures a massive weapons cache that was confiscated years earlier from the militias across the country.

Properly armed, the number of fighting rebels increased dramatically. However, the elite fighters in the rebels are few in number and the skill of the militia has waned over time and cannot match the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to combat.

The war drags on until the dwarves and elves are convinced to aid the Zealandians fighting for their freedom and to repair the shattered land.

Adriel, the new leader of the White Crows pleads her cause to the monks in the north. Dedicated to keeping the skills and teachings of Barak alive, they are horrified to hear what has become of Zealandia.

After quite a number of other plot complications and tragedies, the “rebels” eventually succeed in removing the traitor commanders and after much loss of life order is restored. Little did anyone suspect though, that all the death would be the tipping point that brought about the last days of the gods.

Zealandia's Last Stand

Unbeknowest to the residents of Zealandia, for the last thousand years or so, all of their life energy that would have gone to either Boon or Swift, hasn't really been going anywhere. This energy has been drifting up to the sky and gradually blanketing the planet. After the third civil war, a tipping point was reached where neither Boon or Swift had the capacity to reach through this "shield" of energy covering the planet. This did not go unnoticed by the other people living on the planet. Long story short, both the Boonish Realm and the Swiftish Realm attacked Zealandia at the same time. It didn't happen right away, but it didn't take very long either, within a few years, the full force of both these realms were knocking on Zealandia's door. The Boonish built massive transport ships and set sail across the ocean to land on Zealandia's western shores. The Swiftish demanded that their dwarven semi-slaves make known and widen the underground passages that lead to Zealandia, for the mountain passes were to treacherous and it was impossible for whole armies to travel through, as Leviath found out. This is the beginning of Zealandia's last stand.