Wilheim was Galvarino's right hand man, a former Watcher, and an expert spearman.

Before the outbreak of the Third Zealandian Civil War Wilheim didn't take seriously the command to shut down the Watcher run schools and continued teaching. Time passed and the order was forgotten, life continued on as normal. It was a year before three soldiers from the permanent military arrived at the door of his home with written orders demanding that he shut down his school. Wilheim refused, resulting in an argument and an altercation that left one soldier with a broken arm and another with minor skull fractors. Wilheim decided that the matter was settled and continued with the schooling and the training of the reserve forces.

It was about a month later that he awoke to the smell of smoke in his school. He saw the light of flames flickering through his doorway and immediately rushed outside to raise the alarm of fire to the townsfolk and put out the blaze. He was greeted by a small contingent of soldiers who beat him into unconsciousness. He awoke later that morning tied to a post in the town square. After announcing that Wilheim was to be made an example to anyone else harboring traitorous thoughts, the commander had soldiers hold Wilheim's head still by his hair and a rope through his mouth. He then took a knife and cut the tattooed skin that covered the majority of Wilheim's face off. He was then left tied to the post while the soldiers took turns beating him. Afterwards, they left him tied to the post and spent the rest of the day drinking and generally abusing the townsfolk. That night however, one of Wilheim's older students acted on his own to free his mentor. The young man killed the guard posted to watch the Watcher, cut the ropes binding Wilheim then carried him several miles into the forest where his father had a shack he used for extended hunts. The student tended Wilheim's wounds as best he could, left some water and a note, then set out back to town in order to get more help for the wounded man. When he returned with his father Wilheim was already gone, taking the water and a spear, and a knife. Over the next two days he killed all but one of the soldiers sent to make him an example, which he left alive to spread the word of what had happened. The next six months he spent on his own, assassinating anyone in the regular military that he could get his spear into. He accidentally ran into Galvarino when they both happened to be assaulting a small group of soldiers that had just razed a town for the fun of it. She and the rebels thought that he was an insane man, for while they had been waiting for the right moment to strike, the sentry they had been planning on taking down suddenly wasn't there. They then caught a glimpse of a figure sneaking up to the camp of roughly thirty soldiers, moving slowly through the tall grass. The figure then cut his way into a tent and disappeared from view. Galvarino quietly ordered the rebels to wait, very curious about what was happening. A few moments later screams of agony and rage were let loose from several sets of lungs within the camp. Then the figure that had snuck into the camp was now sprinting away from it, trying to escape into the night. The two dozen or so soldiers that had been drinking around fires were hot on his trail. He also happened to be running straight towards Galvarino and her rebels. In the darkness he didn't seem to notice the rebel soldiers hiding and ran right past them. The soldiers certainly didn't notice them, and died in confusion as swords and spears beset upon them from all sides.

When the slaughter was over, Galvarino strode over to the man that had led the soldiers straight towards her and her rebels and asked his name before demanding thanks for saving his life. The man introduced himself as Wilheim and laughed at her demand of thanks, replying that it was her who should be thanking him as he saved the lives of many of her comrades that evening. He explained that he had noticed them and counted their number, suspecting that they were planning a direct assault. Numbering less than a third of the number of soldiers, he said that although he believed that they very likely would have succeeded in wiping out the squad, they would not have all survived. So he snuck in and very audibly assassinated the commanding officer and his lieutenant, then led the angry and unthinking soldiers directly to them, creating a perfect ambush. Galvarino punched the grin off his ugly face then had him tied up and taken back to their camp. Somehow they became great friends after this.