The White Crows were a military group established by Brian after the first civil war of Zealandia. It's named as such for crows are often all that are left over after a battle, Brian took in the other survivors, the not quite innocent children that were left over with the crows. After stumbling across a young child orphaned from the war Brian decided to take him under his wing and this was the beginning of an elite special forces unit that took orphaned individuals and turned them into weapons. Brian experience as a special forces commander in Alkor allowed him to train soldiers that excelled in small group demon hunting parties. White Crows in training were encouraged to practice with a variety of different weapons and master unconventional styles of fighting. They lived at the training grounds and childhood consisted of little more than training with other orphans that became their new family. White Crows often referred to eachother as "brother" or "sister". It should also be noted that Brian had no preference as to the gender of the orphans he took in, instead taking an approach to warriors similar to the Swiftish lands.

After Brian's assassination Cormorant took charge of the group and led the White Crows to be an instrumental part in the success of Zealandia against the God turned provinces of the unnamed haven in the second Zealandian Civil War.

Later, during the Demon War, White Crows acted as bodyguards to two Watchers on their quest to recover Leviath's Amulet and bring it to Darius to ceace the demon mother's mental control over him.

During the Demon War martial law was enacted as Zealandian law dictated in such a crisis. This placed several resources usually controlled directly by the king or by the academies under direct control of the military. The White Crows were one such resource. Up until this time, the commander of the White Crows worked with the military, but answered only to the King. After the war reached its conclusion though, the power balance stayed with the military instead of balancing between the king, the military, and the academies. This was one of the factors that eventually led to the White Crows being used as a secret police force against Zealandian citizens instead of a task force against demonic threats. The ranks of the White Crows were greatly expanded to take in any volunteered children, even though after the war there was no shortage of orphans. When the Watchers were disbanded, White Crows were often sent to deal with resistant Watchers that were deemed too much of a threat for the regular military to handle. White Crows like Nomad, and Grimmloch that deigned to leave the White Crows instead of be used against the people. Nomad would later return with his son Kaethis to assassinate the then leader of the White Crows, Thanos and pull control of the White Crows away from the regular military and instead put it in the hands of Adriel. At the same time, the Zealandian Resistance group made several raids against major political control centers. This marked the beginning of the Third Zealandian Civil war.