The watchers were the main Zealandian rural educators which doubled as the leaders of local militias. The original watchers were warriors trained by Barak and his troupe from the original town of Zealandia. After the first civil war, Barak sent volunteers to as many of the larger towns in the haven that he could, with the intentions of making all of the new Zealandians capable of defending themselves. Eventually, as the education system he developed grew and developed in Viriathus he found that since the watchers were already spread out amongst the people and known to be competent teachers, books and studies were sent to them to teach to the children for a few hours each day. In the beginning it was largely reading and writing, along with history, it expanded to give the students a basic knowledge of all the available trades.

This system would last for over a thousand years and outlive Barak for quite some time. After the Demon War and the resulting government atmosphere, the Watchers were eventually disbanded and any that continued teaching were branded as traitors. Watchers such as Galvarino and her partner Wilheim would be the backbone of the underground resistance to the government until the reformation of the White Crows by Kaethis, Adriel, and Nomad.