Before the final war came to a close Zealandia was operating without a king. Galvarino had perished on the battlefield after her short reign as king after the third Zealandian civil war. This void in leadership was left unclaimed until Kaethis was pushed onto the throne somewhat against his will by his comrades. Adriel, the leader of the White Crows was recorded as the most vocal support for his ascention to the throne, though several sources claim that it was Grimmloch who actually convinced the now legendary sniper to accept throne.

Kaethis made the final declaration that the war was officially over four years after he became king. "The gods have been using us as tools for murder and destruction since the first humans opened their eyes. The time for destruction is finally over. We must see what is left of the world not as a wasteland, but as a canvas painted clean by the sacrifices of countless lives. Now it is our time to come together to paint a beautiful new world, one without hatred or bloodshed." It was less than a year after the announcement that the war was over that Kaethis announced that Zealandia was to be no more and that the three thousand year old monarchy established by Barak was abolished. He resigned as king, leaving the former haven from the war with a new name and a multi person council with a list of stipulations that he felt needed to be met in order for humanity to survive now that the gods were dead and the war between the Swiftish people and the Boonish people had no reason to continue fighting. This new nation was named Tasmantis.

Tasmantis' new laws were greatly influenced by Kaethis' long talks with Darius. Some of these laws included the reinstatement and significant expansion of the Watchers, along with some duty changes; the Watchers no longer taught the war arts for example. Other decrees included the complete dismantling of the current standing army, Kaethis considered the White Crows, especially their newly implemented sniper unit more than enough to settle any civil unrest that may occur. Kaethis also ordered a massive collection and subsiquent destruction of all weapons and armour designed for war purposes, except for those used by the White Crows. Smiths specializing in weapons and armour construction were instead ordered to turn their talents towards rebuilding.