Swiftlike was a demon that was created using a circle of thirteen priests and three of the greatests warriors the Swiftish Realm could muster. These thirteen priests were all visited by Swift in a dream on the same night and given instructions to create an entity powerful enough to be called his son. The creation of this being tool the life energy of the thirteen priests and three warriors, creating potentially the most powerful demon ever created. Although vastly powerful, Swiftlike was created from nothing, he was a newborn child in a body that was second only to Boonlike in sheer power. Due to this fact and certain turns of events, Boonlike was able to use this to his advantage and steal what was meant to be Swift's champion. Although powerful beyond belief, Swiftlike found no solace in combat. This led him to attempt a life of peace but this was found to be impossible. Decades passed and the inability to lead a simple life drove him to seek his death on the battle field. However, the only being on the planet capable of destroying Swiftlike was Boonlike, and the thousands of corpses of inferior combatants drove Swiftlike into even greater despair. It eventually occured to him that he was the only being capable of destroying himself, and shortly after, he ended his tortured existance by his own hand.