Sam the Destroyer was created as one of the Four Heroes by the god

Swift. He was created to lead humans in a war against the elves. His best friend and war companion Crom the Valiant was created at the same time. They, and the two other war leaders, led an army against the elves and defeated them nearly out of hand. The elves had not been designed by Boon to have great prowess in combat and did not prove to be a great challenge to the warlike beings that were the humans. What elves survived the war fled deep into the forest, far past where the human warriors would travel. For a time, General Samael took up work as a blacksmith, and married Sandra, another of the heroes, for there were no enemies to crush. Although he had served his purpose perfectly, he didn't feel whole unless wielding his giant claymore in battle. In a few years however, Jardis would raise her army and declare herself ruler of the world. Samael and Sandra sought out Crom then raised an army of thier own to stop their power seizing companion. Samael met Jardis on the battlefield where his claymore took her life, ending the war. Positions of governance and leadership were pushed onto the three remaining heroes but they refused, content to try to live like regular humans. They would try to remain this way until Boonlike was created and millions of people declared themselves to be loyal to only Boon. Sam would lead the fight in this war until he met Boonlike and the godspawn's awesome power converted his mind to be loyal to the Boonish cause.

Samael's creation and the war against the elves

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Samael's part in the war against Boon

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After Samael's conversion to Boon

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