Ragenous was the first demon to be considered truly successful as a weapon in the Eternal War. She was formerly Sandra, one of the Four Heroes and wife of General Samael but left him in disgust and outrage when he was converted by Boonlike. She begged to be given the power to destroy her husband and the shame he had brought upon her, and through a circle of nine priests, Swiftish power was channeled into her, turning her into a rageful beast with awe and fear inspiring powers. Shortly after her transformation she set out with the intentions of killing Samael, instead she became pregnant with his child then nearly killed his best friend Crom the Valiant. When this child was born, he was left in the woods to die, but due to his half demon nature he survived and grew up to become the king of Alkor, known as Grog the Mighty.

Ragenous did not give up her quest to destroy her husband, but would eventually fail when he was thrown into another dimension by another great demon many years later.

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