The Paladins were an order created by the godspawn Boonie to bridge the gap between warrior and wizard. There are no tests or qualifications needed to apply to the order, any that feel they are willing to dedicate thier soul entirely to Boon merely have to travel to Fal'Moran to begin thier training. The majority of Paladin initiates already posess some training in the way of combat, but very few posess any training in the use of thier inner energy. For this reason Boonie saw fit to make the first two years of a Paladin's training almost pure meditation and physical conditioning, without any combat technique training. For the Paladin, his or her weapon must be guided by Boon and Boon alone, so before one can learn to swing a weapon, one must be in constant contact with thier god. Two years is also a minimum number. Some initiates never aquire the bond with Boon that is required. When an initiate gives up in the training (which is almost exclusively in the first leg of training) they are not turned away from the order. Many of these failed initiates choose to stay and serve the Paladins. It was these failed initiates and the family members of the original Paladins that built the city of Fal'Moran which houses these holy warriors.

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