Martyres was the first male assassin ever trained by Boonish. Although not exceptional as a warrior while compared to other assassins, his defiance towards tradition later in life would be a hallmark quality of almost all male assassins and he would be remembered as the first assassin to lead an army.

History of MartyresEdit

Martyres was born in the city of Obsidian while the Great Wall was being constructed by Boonlike. His parents were both city guards that were relocated to reinforce Illyricum, a city built around a bridge into Giza where the Swiftish forces were nearing. They brought along thier newborn for there was no living family left to tend him. They arrived with three thousand reinforcements just in time to meet the Swiftish forces slaughtering every man, woman, and child in the town. In the fierce fighting, both Martyres' parents were killed on enemy spears and he was left to die, an infant screaming in the mud made slick whith his parents' blood. The Swiftish forces very likely would have crushed the meager attempt to defend the river had not Boonish herself arrived to make the river run red with the lifeblood of her enemies. After the din of fleeing soldiers had faded, it was the godspawn herself, while standing on a mountain of corpses who heard the the infant's cry. Very nearly the only survivor of the battle, Martyres was taken by Boonish to Kel'Moran where he was trained in the assassin's arts for the next thirty years.

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