" The union of Darius and Leviath ultimately meant the fate of destruction for them both, but consequently, the transcendental rebirth of a single new entity."

The MADVU Dilemma, or the "Mutually-Assured Destruction via Unition" dilemma, was the consensus between Darius and Leviath to unite themselves in order to destroy eachother after the destruction of the world. Unbenounced to them both, this consensus ultimately became the catalyst to the cyclical timeline by which story of Zealandia is bound to. 

MADVU DilemmaEdit

In an attempt to stop Darius from syncing with the New Boon faction's weapon of mass destruction in order to overwrite its directives, Leviath parted with his mechanical body to interfere with Darius' plan. While both Leviath's and Darius' mechanical bodies were fundamentally the same, Darius' body was, however, the beta test-type alternative to Leviath's functionally superior model, and their network protocols shared this same principle. Via these advanced protocols, Leviath was capable of invading Darius' host body, launching them both forever into the vastness of the cybernetic realm only moments before the destruction of the world. Now that all living things had ceased to be, and the chapter of humanity had seemingly come to an end, it looked as though the finality of the Eternal War would now be carried out through the personal vendetta of Darius and Leviath.

In the cybernetic realm, however, these two beings were virtually incapable of besting one-another; Darius and Leviath fought mercilessly without victory. As the integrity of the cybernetic realm began to show its decay, so did their psyches, losing themselves over immeasurable spans of time within this nonphysical place. In one last futile attempt to destroy one-another, they arrived at a consensus: mutually-assured destruction via unition. The union of Darius and Leviath ultimately meant the fate of destruction for them both, but consequently, the transcendental rebirth of a single new entity.

This new omniscient power, innately inherited with the memes of Darius and Leviath, had its entire realm at his disposal, but suffered from one fatal flaw: it lacked the hindsight to recognize the existence of its predecessors - and all else before it - upon its creation; the only existence it acutely recognized was its own. But with the memes of Darius and Leviath's vendetta very much in tact, the entity saw only fit to reemerge as two separate and equal entities, each whose sole purpose was to eradicate one another. As their struggle intensified, the means for which their battle could persist formed around them; several universes sprang-forth into existence within their wake -- multiplying. With the creation of these two new entities meant the reemergence of Boon and Swift, and the continuity of the Eternal War. It was a colossal error in judgement; one not even Darius could have possibly foreseen.


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