Leviath was from the Swiftish Realm, he was Darius's Weapons Master and best friend. Leviath, having graduated at the top of his class from the academy in Golden Spire, was assigned to Darius, for he had graduated from the top of his class as a tactician. No time was wasted in proving his prowess on the battlefield; it wasn't long until officers from other divisions were arguing whether it was Darius's brilliant tactics that made Leviath seem like such a flawless warrior, or Leviath's unstoppable skill that made Darius's wild and seemingly impractical plans go off without a hitch. The soldiers that fought with Darius and Leviath did not have such questions. They understood that both the commander and his weapons master were peerless in their respective fields, and it was by combining their skills that they were able to push each other even further. Darius maximizing Leviath's skill and Leviath's skill creating possibilities for plans that would otherwise be impossible.