Kaethis Concept01
An early concept of Kaethis, wielding his rifle and wearing a cloak.




Zealandia (formerly), Tasmantis



Human, Part-Demon




Viriathus, raised in Foothill


Camile (mother), Nomad (father), Longinus (grandfather), Barak (ancestor)


Grimmloch, Adriel, Nomad, Darius


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Kaethis is a Zealandian sniper. I'll write a summary later.


NOTE: The following is currently non-cannon.

Early Years


Kaethis was born during the later years of the ##### period in Viriathus. At birth, he was significantly smaller and weaker than most Zealandian newborns. His parents did not want him to be a warrior and took his smallishness as a blessing in disguise. His fate was thereby decided to be that of a scholar, and not of a soldier.

Kaethis was the bastard child of two highly skilled warriors: his mother Camile, belonging to the White Crows, and his father; a wayward warrior lacking of any ultimate ideology besides war. Kaethis's mother retired her rank in anticipation of their son's birth, while his father disappeared shortly after. Weary of the battlefield, Kaethis's mother embraced his weaknesses, relieved that her son would never have to endure the grievances of war.

Unfortunately, still an infant, his mother Camile was called to arms, and she was never seen again. Orphaned, he was placed in the hands of Adriel; a fellow White Crow and apprentice of Camile, only nineteen at the time. Although she cared deeply for the boy and highly regarded his mother, given her circumstances, she was an unsuitable mother figure, and followed Camile's wishes by taking him to the city of Foothill. Here, he would be enrolled into the Academy of Foothill, where he'd spend the first 21 years of his life living under the care of Grimmloch among the Dwarves in the Trade District and later in the academy itself.

The Dwarves were happy to take Kaethis under their wing, having fought alongside his mother on the battlefield multiple times. With their help, he'd learn the fundamental skills of these trades alongside his academics, as well as other important Dwarvish values like how to treat a woman (despite their brute tendencies, the Dwarves were always good to their women) and how to party. He'd also learn how to wield a sword, taught the techniques particularly effective to the vertically challenged. Because of his short stature, the Dwarves related with Kaethis, and saw him as one of their own. When he wasn't learning about stuff in the academy, he'd often work alongside them in the shops or 'smiths, or would spend a couple hours listening to Dwarvish tales (usually about breaking stuff, killing things, or drinking) in the local tavern. The Dwarves thought Kaethis was cool shit, and overall, he had a good time.

When Kaethis was a young boy, he was attacked by a minor demon while travelling with Grimmloch to Ital. Grimmloch saved his life but Kaethis was wounded, leaving him blinded and scarred. Incredibly, and to much disbelief, Kaethis recovered completely literally regrowing his eyes and most of the scarring clearing completely. His eyes did not regrow as well though and he had poor vision thereafter. Grimmloch had a good friend that worked with glass, his name was Floppy. Floppy boasted that he could make a device with his glassware that would enable young Kaethis to see as well as he had before losing his eyes. In less than a year Floppy had developed a set of spectacles that very nearly accomplished this, certainly improving Kaethis' vision, though not quite as good as before his injury, Kaethis did not complain. He and Floppy were close friends ever after and worked together in implementing a scope onto the rifle that Kaethis eventually developed.

This place was also the epicentre of firearm technology; a joint venture between the Humans and the Dwarves. This technology was considered incredibly flawed and impractical, however, and wasn't much more than a hand cannon that fired pellets or shrapnel utilizing gunpowder. Kaethis didn't care what those other people thought, and saw potential in it. Although he never really "perfected" this technology until much later, through trial-and-error, he developed an extremely accurate single-shot rifle by utilizing a mechanism similar in design to that of the Rolling Block. With the help of some of his Dwarvish metalworking buddies, he'd also invent a press of some sort for making conventional bullets instead of little metal balls that just didn't get the job done as well as he would have liked. Still, despite these improvements on technology that practically wasn't there, people had little faith in these inventions of his. Except for the Dwarves, but that's to be expected.

Although this probably didn't happen until much later either, he would eventually quadruple the practicality of his rifle by implementing a scope-like device on it. Kaethis was nearsighted, and, although his vision wasn't absolutely terrible, he had difficulty aiming from faraway distances. Observing the magnifying effects of glass and all that jazz, he and his glassworking friends got together and built a monocular device that could allow the user to see several hundred feet away. It took a couple tries, but they got it, and they developed a sight that mounted above the barrel and stretched along the frame. It was pretty kick-ass, and now he could fire from incredible distances where a traditional bow wouldn't have a hope in hell in reaching him.

Sure, he made a neat gun, but given the fact he wasn't much of a warrior, it was an invention that, although practical for battlefield purposes, was no more than a personal project. At 21, however, to the dismay of the Dwarves who had grown accustomed to the lad whom had now grown into a man, he left the academy to seek the woman who had placed him there to begin with. Equipped with little more than his rifle, a couple handfuls of rifle rounds, a few leather pouches, a lightweight and masterfully crafted shortsword (a parting gift from the Dwarves), and a floppy hat, Kaethis traveled long and far to the capital Viriathus, optimistic that this place would lead him to her.

He also became the king of Zealandia for a few years, abolished it and formed Tasmantis.

Skills and Abilities

Combat Abilities

Close-Quarters Combat

Taught to him by Adriel.

Shortblade Weaponry

Taught to him by Grimmloch.


After developing the first, combat-practical rifle, Kaethis developed a strategy to maximize the efficiency of his techniques. Utilizing stealth and covert tactics taught to him by Adriel...


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