Jardis was one of the original four perfect humans created by Swift to lead a massive army against Boon's elves. Easily the most charismatic of the Four Heroes, she was well loved by the people. After the war and near annihilation of the elves, Jardis found herself unable to find a place for herself in peacful times. A few years after the war, she decided to rally an army once again, but this time to take control of the known world where she would reign as the ruler of the world. The other three heroes rallied together and raised an army to stop her. After several years of bloody conflict later, she fell to Samael's blade on the battlefield. Shortly thereafter her soldiers returned to thier lives. The other three heros, with no wish to conquer the world for themselves, dispersed thier own armies and tried to make thier way through peacefully until the creation of Boonlike.