Grimm Hailstorm, warrior king of Ital which is the capital city of the dwarven kingdom in the mountains north of Zealandia. Grimm is a fundamental player in the second civil war of Zealandia due to his good nature towards the new king, Barak. Grimm discovered Barak after trade routes had been established from the original town of Zealandia which needed weaponry and other needs that the small town couldn't provide itself. The dwarves had always had the reputation of not being the greatest cultivators but the finest blacksmiths out of all the three races: Humans, dwarves, and elves. This free-trade agreement between the Zealandia humans and the dwarves was historical because no contact had been established between the humans and dwarves. Humans viewed dwarves as a lesser race because they were abandoned by Swift.

If it hadn't been for the mannerism and the character that is Barak, Grimm would have denied any agreement that would have been offered. Though, there was the view that Barak wants nothing to do with the Gods and rejects them as the true higher power. Barak also had a common goal to kill the demons that resided in the mountains. The demons had committed many murderous rampages which have destroyed countless towns and ended many lives. Grimm had grown tired of the ways of the failed experiments of the Swiftish Realm that had created the demons. The dwarves did pride themselves on being hardy warriors who need no magic to fight the demons that live in coexistance. The demons use the mountains as shelter from the demon killing humans.

Grimm believing that Barak was the key to peace, so when the established nation of Zealandia was made and later threatened by the nine lords that governed the other lands in the divided unnamed haven, Grimm assisted by risking many dwarven lives, including his own. Grimm is a warrior king that means he fights front lines with his men and sees himself no higher or lower than the common peasant in his kingdom in the battlefield. Grimm fought shoulder to shoulder with Barak and their friendship grew there as well.

Barak seeing Grimm as a major asset in his foundation of the nation of Zealandia, Barak made Grimm an honorary Zealandian by Grimm going through a ritual where you receive tattoos that mark an elite Zealandian warrior who has proven himself in combat. Tattoos represent the warrior him or herself and are personalized and unique amongst all the other warriors.