"It's on a hill, lads! Why not just call it Foothill?." - Dwarf Settler

Foothill is a city in Zealandia, north of Joseph and east of Viriathus. It was settled by Humans in conjunction with a small minority of Dwarvish settlers from the mountains.

Its districts include the Town Square, the Academy, and the Trade District. As its name would imply, it was founded on a large piece of elevated land. Among the Academy are where the majority of the scholars, educated, and magically inclined live, while the tradespeople, such as the blacksmiths live among the Trade District. Although the minority, Foothill contains a rather prominent Dwarvish community.

Most notable of Foothill is its Academy, recognized as Zealandia's greatest among its few. This is where Kaethis was enrolled.

Foothill has also been acclaimed for its involvement in early rifle technology, being named the epicentre of firearm development.


UNFINISHED: Like the many other villages of Zealandia, Foothill originated as a small trading late into the ##### period, situated north of Joseph and east of Viriathus. Founded geographically near both water and below the northward Dwarvish mountains, these routes served as beneficial trade commutes between both the Zealandian communities and the Dwarves.

Not long after word of the outpost began to spread, Foothill faced countless attacks from wayward demon in the mountains. Relatively defenceless, Dwarvish mercenaries and nomad warriors offered their protective services to the settlement, while at the same time earning residency and source of income. During periods of relative peace, these warriors would instead hone their trade skills, such as blacksmithing, carpentry, and stone masonry. With their help, the tradesmen provided a solid foundation for the few citizens of Foothill.

As Foothill's populace grew, so did its integrity. Under the leadership of the First King of Zealandia, a school was constructed in the centre of town for those wishing to improve upon their scholarly, trade, or magical abilities. This school caught the interests of potential scholars and the magically inclined throughout the nation of Zealandia.

As time passed, Foothill's populace peaked, and its economy flourished. The town expanded beyonds its village walls, and was incorporated as a city during the ##### period. The school itself was also heavily expanded, and was created into an academy, appropriately titled the Academy of Foothill. During these times, city districts were also established. Foothill would eventually be recognized as Zealandia's third largest community.