The war that has been raging between Boon and Swift since before the creation of time itself is known as the Eternal War. The people inhabiting the world know of no other existence than to be involved in this war, this is unsurprising considering that they were merely created as tools to be used in the eternal war-making.

The events that would lead to the eternal war

In the beginning, before time even existed, so technically before a beginning was possible, there was a single all powerful omniscient power. Anything it could possibly want for was within its own power to create. In the vast lack of existence, there was nothing to know, nothing that was conceivable to want for. The only thing the being was acutely aware of was its own existence, the only possible alteration would be its own destruction. So this being turned on itself in an attempt to destroy itself, and for an eon that never passed, the efforts were fruitless. In relative eventuality, the being split itself into two equal parts, each whose sole purpose was to find a way to destroy the other. It was in this fight between the two that time and space were created. The struggle intensified with the new dimensions and the energy from their struggle against each other formed the matter that filled the entire universe. After billions of years of constant clash, one of the beings disappeared. For thousands of years the other being searched the infinitely vast universe until it finally happened upon a tiny speck of matter which had pulled itself together a billion or so years prior into a near perfect sphere, but was trapped spinning around a ball of flame. The being sensed its counterpart on the little planet, so it went in for a closer look. The other being had been hiding here the whole time. The searching being scoured the planet for the hiding being, sensing it all over the mote of dust in the universe. The searching being sank even closer, until it was right next to the surface of the planet. What it found was shocking. It could feel the other being everywhere. It explored, searching for its enemy in some concentrated form, trying to discern the course for this odd behavior. As it searched, it became apparent that certain forms of matter were not as they should be, and although the presence was minute, these things had the greatest concentration of its enemy’s energy. Unable to discern the plot of its enemy, the being watched. For two hundred years it watched. It finally came to the conclusion that its enemy had come had developed a means to extract the energy that had been cast aside in their fighting with the creation of millions of living things. There was a chain of things that all led to these incredibly sophisticated beings, and from these beings the energy was being channeled back into it adversary. Upon making its deduction, it declared that its foe had indeed been swift.

The swift being had become a god. It had realized that upon the creation of the universe, limitations had been set on the amount of energy capable of existing since they were operating on a finite plane of existence. It had come up with the idea that if it somehow developed a means to recover some of the lost energy before making one more grand attack, it could overpower and destroy its counterpart. So it ran as swift as its powers could take it and as far as it could go. Once it found a planet it deemed suitable, it went to work, first reshaping slightly, then preparing it to sustain its greatest creations. First it experimented with single celled organisms, tiny plants that could photosynthesize, gathering energy from the sun. The organisms also performed complex chemical reactions. As the god practiced, it created more complex and diverse plants and eventually plants that could gather water while not in it, such as trees and shrubs.

The sun put out an enormous amount of energy and the swift god wanted to gather as much of it as he could. Eventually, tiny creatures that fed on the plants were made, and eventually after hundreds of years had passed, there were some that were eating each other. The swift being was now a god, and he continued to create, casting aside failures to die on their own. By the time a thousand years had passed, a very large part of the swift god’s power was invested in the life on the planet. Plants and animals which were beyond complex lived on the earth, growing on the energy from the sun and the planet. The swift god decided it was ready to create its ultimate masterpiece, the creature that would channel all of this energy back to itself, the creator. However, its first attempt failed. Though strong and bearing a form that was pleasing, the creatures had no desire to tend to the living planet. Their fascination was with metals and crystals and the inert. The god was a wrathful god, and banished its creations, which would come to be known as dwarves by the humans, to live under the mountains to be forgotten with their precious stones.

The second attempt at proper servants was far superior for the swift god’s plan. These beings walked the earth, hunting, planting crops, and praying. Power began to trickle back into the god as it watched over its humans. Although through prayers the god received the energy slowly through time, when a human died, it released all of its energy at once. Still, the death of one human was a tiny amount of energy in the grand scheme of things. Eventually however, war was invented. It was with war that the humans demonstrated their capacity for destruction. The swift god was not surprised at all, the only reason anything existed in the entire universe was because of mass attempts at destruction.

Eventually, the god’s counterpart arrived, far too soon though; it would be millennia more before the swift god would be ready to continue the fight. However, the counterpart could not find the swift god, instead it stopped for a short time to observe what had been done. It did not take long for the counterpart to fully understand what had been created on this planet and how to capitalize on it. The counterpart made itself into a god, creating a new life form, one that was superior to the humans in transferring the energy trapped within the life on the planet. This third race would call themselves “elves”. They were at close harmony with the nature around them and adept at transferring it to the great being in the sky that had done a mighty boon in giving them life on the beautiful planet they now inhabited. It did not take very long for the swift god to notice the presence of the creatures put there by the adversary to steal the swift god’s strength. Once again the swift god bent to work creating.

It made four flawless humans that would gather armies to crush the elves that thought they were put on the planet as a boon, Samael, Sandra, Crom, and Jardis. Two men, and two women, they were all far more powerful than any being made before them. As for differences between men and women, the swift god saw none, only that there were differences between them to reproduce. There was no reason in the god’s eyes as to why they could not both fight, to have it otherwise was to waste half the population.

Against the elves, these four warriors led the largest army ever amassed. Very few escaped the genocide, the elves were not prepared to be warriors. When the slaughter was considered complete, the soldiers went back to their lives and tried to forget about the atrocities they had witnessed and committed. The four heroes tried to find life in peace but it was extremely difficult. Several years later the hero Jardis, unable to contain her destructive nature raised an army and declared herself the ruler of the world. The other three heroes banded together and with the army they raised, put her down. Later, in a short time of peace, Sandra and Samael were married.

The boon god watched all of this with great fascination. It marveled at the flawed nature of these creatures, how easily powerful figures could turn these humans against each other. This, the boon god decided, was the key needed to secure its part on this planet. The god created a single being, filling it with more energy than any living being could fathom, until it was quite godlike itself. To the elves, it was boonlike. This boonlike creature took form as a dark skinned human male. Boonlike used his power to help and to heal, preaching about the goodness of his creator and the way their swift god was only using them. Boonlike’s energies forced themselves onto whomever he came near, and his awesome power converted hundreds of thousands of people, and as their prayers shifted to “Boon”, “Swift” took great notice. Once again, armies were raised, Swift’s three remaining champions leading the charge. Although it was millions against a few hundred thousand, Boonlike’s great power was beyond anything the armies of Swift could comprehend, and what was more was that Boonlike was teaching his people to use the energy inside of themselves in magics for destruction. The armies still came though, under the destructive guidance of Sam, the valiant leadership of Crom, and the furious and fearless example of Sandra. Even with the powers taught by the mighty spawn of god, the converted Boonish people were losing to the massive numbers. So Boonlike, in his infinite wisdom, attempted to visit the three heroes. With great military minds, Samael and Crom were easy to find together, coordinating the military movements. Sandra however, much preferred to be with the soldiers, fighting in the front lines, leading from the ground. He preached and worked his powerful magic on them and it worked, but not on Sandra. Sam and Crom became willing servants of Boon, and with them, millions of soldiers followed. Sandra was more furious than ever, she prayed to Swift for the strength to crush her enemies and had her prayers granted. She was turned into the demon Ragenous, the first successfully created demon and she spearheaded the war that would last for millennia.

This is how the eternal war began.