Demons were developed after the theft of humans by Boonlike. They were formerly either human, animal, or in some cases a combination of the two. They are created by chanelling Swiftish energy into a living being to give it godlike powers. Many of the first attempts to create demons failed. Eventually though, great demons such as Ragenous and Swiftlike were created.

The early failures to create demons

The people of the Swiftish realm were enraged by the theft of millions of people by the entity Boonlike. Having seen what they thought was a human infused with godly energy, the priests and generals of the remaining army sought to create thier own. The first attempts were devastating. When the priests channeled the power of Swift directly into another human being, instead of imbuing them with godlike powers, they died a terrible screaming death, often left in a twisted shape. Not only was it killing the volunteers, many of the priests were dying just as terribly while channeling the awesome power of Swift.

After so many deaths, so many failures, without a single success, the leaders of the Swiftish realm decided on an alternate course of action until the methods were perfected. Swift had not created only humans to inhabit the world. There were many lesser creatures that were created and the experiments to imbue living things with the pure strength of Swift turned to them. For a time, these too were met with failure. The deaths of priests were down however, and they were improving thier abilities to control the amount of energy being put into the animals that were brought to them. It would still be years and thousands of failures before they met with success, and it was the constant improvment and need for a balance in the war that drove them to keep working at it. The success was considered a failure by some, for it was a wolf that was the first creature to survive the demonizing proccess. He was turned into a great beast, and unlike every other wolf in the pack that had been brought in for the experiment, this one managed to live. However, the great power wiped his mind clean and left him only with his great demonic strength and the will to destroy. Hundreds of people died in the jaws of the beast before it vanished into the mountains, not to be seen again for hundreds of years. Only one priest survived the encounter, but one was all it took to explain the proccess to other priests and it improved from there.

Two years after the first demon had been created, people were still being drawn to the side of Boon. At this time, the great war leaders Sam the Destroyer and Crom the Valiant were confused by Boonlike and switched sides, bringing a large and powerful military force with them. Sam the Destroyer's wife, who was also a great warrior was disgusted by her husbands weak heart and threw herself to the feet of the priests, begging to be given the power to destroy her husband and any other enemy that stood in her way and the way of the Swiftish realm. The priests were hesitant to attempt the demonization of humans again but they felt that they could not refuse the pleads of the great war hero. A circle of nine priests, more than had ever been used before at one time, gathered to imbue Sandra with Swiftish power. All nine of the priests lost thier lives, but the demon Ragenous walked out of the temple and headed straight for the death of her enemies. With this great success, more demons after her were created. There were differing levels of accomplishment for each demon, and some would still occasionally die or lose thier minds for no reason, but for the time, the Swiftish realm had a powerful new weapon to weild against the Boonish people.

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