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Early concept of Darius following his transformation. This concept needs heavy revision.




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"See them gathered on the plains now! See their armies strong, and vast! So long as one of us remains here, none of them will ever pass!"

Darius, formerly a respectable leader among the Swiftish legion, is a Demon who's escape from his former motherland eventually drove him to the godless lands of Zealandia.

Era #1Edit

Early LifeEdit

Darius was born into a family of great leaders among the Golden Spire. Early on, Darius' stalwart abilities enroll him into the Spire's military academy where he hones his leadership prowess. Upon graduation, Darius is appointed a Weapons Master named Leviath.

For a time his freshly graduated skills are unneeded on any battlefield and he spent a great deal of time managing his estates, keeping fresh on his battlefield tactics, and training in combat with Leviath. Not forseeing any breakings of the wall in the near future, his parents urge him to marry. After finding that noble women birthed into military families were not to his liking at all, he decided to look for a wife of a more common background. Quite by accident he met a self made tailor named Rowan. She was a firm and intelligent individual, having made a respectable name for herself as a tailor in Golden Spire. Unlike the nobles who felt entitled to what they had, Darius found he greatly respected Rowan's determination at her craft. In time he chose to court her and eventually they married. They had a son and a daughter, but before their futures could be decided, Darius was called away to begin preparations for the next assault against the Boonish lands.

Upon the outbreak of a new war, Darius proves himself a pivotal leader in several strikes against the Boonish empire. At some point during the course of the conflict, he is recalled to Golden Spire. There, he is told that his accomplishments have made him worthy of demonic transformation. Darius is overawed, for only two in his family lineage before him have been granted such an incredible opportunity. Over the course of the next few months, Darius is prepared for the ceremony of demonic metamorphosis as war continues in distant lands. Thirteen holy men give up their lives as a conduit for the Swiftish power. The former Darius is no more.


Upon undergoing demonic metamorphosis, Darius succumed to extreme physical alterations. His eyes, having been bathed the the black fires of Swiftish energy, were transformed into orbs of blue-colored flame. Having been removed of his other facial features, he relies solely on his orbs to interpret the environment around him, which not only encompass all of his senses, but also improve upon them.

Having no mouth, speaking is performed through modified means of telepathy. Acting as mere messages in the listener's mind, he governs absolutely no control over their thoughts, merely capable of communication. Later in life, he is capable of speaking into the minds of those at faraway distances.

His skin, was rendered a pale-blue, leather-thick layer, cold to the touch. His elongated limbs and torso ultimately contribute to his lanky, yet muscular appearance while standing at a height of approximately 8 feet. The elongated growths on his shoulders are considered nothing more than anomalies grown during his metamorphosis.

Return to the BattlefieldEdit

Darius emerges from the transformation as a powerful being like nothing he's witnessed before; a being created specifically for war. During his leave, a demon general was assassinated by a small team of Boonish elites, led by Lieutenant Brian. The general's absence left a large portion of Swiftish warriors without command or direction, and the Boonish become evermore successful in driving the Swiftish from their lands. Darius's martial prowess and sense of leadership, coupled with the improvements of his new demonic personae, turn the tides of the battle once more; the Boonish advances comes to a halt. Among the other leaders left standing, Darius and his comrades collectively push the Boonish armies back to the Orknah plains, where the Great Wall stands but is no longer whole. Fifteen years of constant battle continues strong, but little give on either side. Millions have fallen to eachothers' blades, as what has happened countless times before. As conflict finally comes to conclusion, the breaches in the wall are eventually sealed, and the battlefield is once again met with another short period of relative silence.

The ending of the war leaves Darius in great esteem as both leader and warrior, and is granted a larger holding to rule. Seeing merit in the formation of an elite force, rather than the general rabble of warriors he's grown accustomed to, he establishes a small personal army, training them with his right hand Leviath. However, as years continue to pass without war to be fought, Darius begins to lose purpose in his new form.

Refusal of Demonic FormEdit

UNFINISHED Although it should be a great honor, his wife is horrified with his change, and certain features make it difficult for him to approach her without hurting her. He takes to tying a thick leather band around his eyes to save his family from the searing heat they now generate, this is the first outward expression of his lack of acceptance with his demon form. His great power puts a strong stress on his mind, coupled with his family’s lack of acceptance, hatred begins to creep into his life. Although not uncommon among demons to be controlled by hatred, Darius fought it fiercely, trying to hang onto any vestige of humanity he may have left.

Escape from the Swiftish RealmEdit


Eventually Darius goes back to the Swiftish cathedral where his second birth took place and demands, begs, and pleads that they return him to how he used to be. When the priests meet his requests with disgust and scorn, rage takes over and Darius kills them all and uses his demonic powers to level the cathedral before escaping. He first flees east, towards Boonish lands, with the insane hope that the powers of Boon could reverse his terrible transformation. He goes north of the Silver River and east through the Dolbae mountain pass into Giza.

Upon arriving, he is unable to even begin his quest of supposed salvation, the Swiftish power burning through him forces him to slay everyone he crosses. For a few weeks he rampaged uncontrollably through the western plains of Giza, destroying villages and murdering inhabitants, while avoiding the forces sent to capture him. Eventually a small band of paladins led by Roc Maloc catch up with him and it takes every bit of his strength to escape from them. He flees through the mountain pass and follows the river back down to the town of Silver River. While there he destroys a tavern and kills a large portion of the town garrison. He heads south to Corona where he discovers that his wife and child have sacrificed themselves to the blade of his weapons master rather than to live with the shame of being kin to Kaethis. Kaethis heads back west to Golden Spire to confirm this himself. He finds his estate almost entirely abandoned. His weapons master has taken his loyal army out on one last mission, to kill their former master. It is widely believed that the demonic power drove him mad and that he is simply marauding around in insanity. If that were the case, it would be a mercy to find and kill him. Darius decides that he needs to talk his men out of such madness and leaves to intercept them. He discovers them fortified by Silver River. He sneaks his way into the camp and into the tent of his weapons master. There was no hesitation in his former servant’s blade as it made to kill him. Leviath was little match for the demon's powers though and was thrown away easily before Darius escaped into the night. Though no longer needing food or drink, his great powers required rest. Little rest he had though during his flight. He was chased through the lands he once called home. Sought as an enemy by every living person in the Swiftish and Boonish realms, Darius went north, and swam across the great river to the Kaz desert. Buried in the sands he slowly recovered. Flight to an inhospitable wasteland however was not enough to deter the unwavering loyalty of the weapons master to his former master. Bearing an ancient and sacred amulet created to diminish demonic powers, the weapons master beset himself upon Darius. They dueled for nearly an hour before Darius walked away victorious yet broken. He was convinced that he should have died in that fight, but instead he lived to a purposeless existence in a vast desert, surrounded by mountains, surrounded by lands filled with people that wanted him dead. In the middle of the desert he came across a tiny village, a village that had not yet learned to fear the name of the demon Darius. It was from this village that Darius learned of vast tunnels under the mountains where a race of people lived in the darkness under the earth. Darius explored these caves and lived among the dwarves.

Word spread of his existence; from the village of Kaz to the greater Swiftish realms and his loyal army found him in the dwarven city of Norren. Great death and destruction took place but Darius once again defied the odds and fled once again. Deep into the caves he went, through tunnels uninhabited by anything other than the ancient demons and their spawn who had long since abandoned the world above. How long he wandered the caves, he didn’t know. By the time he discovered civilized people again, his clothes had long since rotted away and his once fine sword was little more than a dull, broken piece of metal fixed to an equally tarnished handle. The civilization he happened upon was once again dwarfish and his appearance was met with immediate hostility. A small band of miners were prepared to fight and kill and die, when the beast that had stumbled upon them dropped its weapon and begged for the mercy of death on its knees. Instead of granting its wish, the dwarves asked of it its story. “We know of a place for your kind.” Said the foreman of the miners after hearing the demon’s tale. “It will be a long journey however, you are far from home Lord Darius.” Darius’s response was solemn. “One cannot be far from something he doesn’t possess. The length of a journey is of no burden to me.”&nbsp Darius retrieved his fallen weapon and allowed himself to be escorted to his supposed haven. His journey led them through great peril, but his time in the caves had made him more aware of the extent of his powers than he’s ever thought possible. The force he produced to crush the monsters frightened the dwarves, but true to their word, he was eventually led out of the caves to a land he’d never been.

Wandering the CavesEdit

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Discovering ZealandiaEdit


“What is this place?”

“This is Zealandia.” When Darius admitted to having never heard of it, the dwarves joked about how long he’d been in the caves. The dwarves explained about the warrior without a home who had come half a century ago and forged himself a kingdom from blood and steel. Zealandia was a land free of the war between the gods and a haven for those who wanted to live their lives for themselves. Darius thanked the dwarves, swearing that if he were not killed, he would repay the debt. It was some time before he came across his first humans. He spotted a pair of young hunters, not failing to note that they were armed as warriors in addition to the gear for hunting. Darius followed them back to their village. When night fell, he snuck past the fortifications and stole some clothes then escaped into the night. The next day he captured the same two hunters and questioned them on the lands he was in. What he learned was remarkable. Darius had not truly believed the words of the dwarves to be true, he couldn’t have dared hoped for so much. Darius slew a great demon who had come expecting easy prey and awarded it to the hunters as payment for their information. He decided he would make a new home for himself here in this land. It wasn’t long though that news of a terrible new demon spread to the king of the land. Concerned for the well being of his people, Barak and his elite force of White Crows led by Cormorant marched on Darius. In the forest, Barak and his men were as ghosts, Darius did not realize what was coming until they beset upon him. Darius fought for his life, but refused to kill any of the men and was ultimately unable to flee from the experienced demon hunters. It was Barak himself that subdued the former Swiftish General. The king remembered however, the kindness the beast had shown to the hunters. King Barak Allowed Darius to tell his tale. Darius told every word, expecting it to be for the last time. “That is quite a tale. Come, the war you spoke of ended fifty years ago. You will not die here today.”Darius warned the king that his presence would bring the wrath of the Swiftish Empire. Most notably whoever was left from his personal army. “Let them come.” Were the words of Cormorant, his eyes flecks of steel. They came, and the Zealandians some who were placed under the leadership of Darius, cut them down without quarter. The most shocking and unpleasant surprise was the appearance of his weapons master. After his battle with Darius in the Kaz desert, the Swiftish power in the amulet he wore had preserved Leviath's life. Half demon by the constant touch of Swiftish power for half a century, his prowess in battle was tenfold what it had been. Darius fought beside Barak and Cormorant, killing his faithful servant once again and taking the amulet. When the war was over, Barak appointed Darius a commander in his armies. Darius would never know peace, but finally, he had a home he could appreciate defending.

Era #2Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Phase OneEdit

Most notable of his physical metamorphose, his eyes transformed into orbs of a blue-colored flame, which inherently grow stronger depending on his emotional state. As Kaethis' emotions grow, so do his flames. These orbs, while not only granting him greater perception of his surroundings, such as the ability to stare through darkness and beyond physical obstructions, also serve useful in combat. Staring into the flames of his eyes will blind its observer permanently within a period of only tens of seconds, causing temporarily blindness within only a fraction of a second.

Kaethis gained the ability to "push" concentrated waves of energy from within himself. These waves, depending on their level of intensity, are powerful enough to throw objects at great distances. By altering the density of these expulsions of energy as required, thinner waves become capable of slicing through objects as thick as stone. Although temporary, denser waves may also serve useful as forcefields, or shields. Consequently, however, these waves require copious amounts of energy as levels of intensity increase, and are seldom used without careful consideration.

Although relatively large in physical stature, Kaethis' transformation also drastically improved upon his physical agility and speed. Matched only by his awe-worthy strength and dexterity, these attributes allow him to handle his polearm with absolute ease. To the human eye, his precise movements in combat can amount to a mere blur. This, combined with his enhanced physical perception, makes him a worthy opponent against even the quickest of foes.


Swiftish RealmEdit

Before demonic transformation, Darius's appearance paralleled that of himself after his metamorphose. Although average in height, he was slender and slightly lanky as reflected in his demonic visage. His facial features were generally soft and youthful-looking, coupled with orderly hair fit for a military man. He had deep blue eyes which he perceived to be cause of his blue flames. In battle, he'd generally wear light armour of black, with red and gold detailing; the conventional colors of war amongst the Swiftish army.


Subsequent to his demonic transformation, little remained of his former self. Although common of humans to experience changes in physical form after demonization, Kaethis experienced an abnormally severe change in appearance. .

Because of the density of his metamorphosed skin, Darius saw little purpose in bearing armour, instead choosing only to wear robes. His attire consist of mostly grey and black. Accustomed to bearing heavy loads of equipment, various leather pouches lay fixed to his person.

Deemed worthy as a Zealandian, tradition permitted him to be adorned with ceremonial facial markings. Whereas commonly these markings decorate only a fraction of one's face, due to the nature of gathering tattoos as visual representations of feats accomplished over the course of one's life, Darius's unnaturally long life caused these black tribal tattoos begin from his visage, eventually spiraling to his midsection. All of them telling the story of his life.

Outside of combat, or around the company of friends and allies, he'll often tie a band of leather around his orbs as a courtesy. Although this hinders his ability to see, he's grown adapted to functioning outside of combat without the full functionality of orbs.