Borath was Barak's, the king of Zealandia's father. He was a Swiftish weapons master who swore fealty to a great Demon general. Borath served in many campaigns against the Boonish legions. In between outbreaks of fierce war, he married a town guard in Golden Spire, her name was Emma. Due to unfortunate events, Borath and Emma were forced to leave the Swiftish realm and hide within the Boonish realm. They set up a blacksmith's shop in the town of Pisae and raised their son in secret. Twenty years after living in relative secrecy, Barak was discovered to have skipped out of regular conscription after he saved the lift of General Kovak's daughter Carol. Carol managed to talk the general into not executing Barak, instead forcing him to enlist, having already proven that he was not a complete traitor. On the morning that Barak was to leave for Whiterock, Borath took his son aside and explained to him why he had hid him away all these years. The reason being that they were actually fugitives from the Swiftish Realm, he also explained that he was not Barak's actual father, that Barak's true father was a general in the Swiftish army. He explained that Barak was the product of a rape by a powerhungry lunatic. He asked that if Barak ever had the chance during his time in the army, if he would kill that man.

While Barak was gone, the Swiftish armies attacked, the war lasted for years without break, the armies of Swift overtook almost the entire province of Alkor and completely overran Sheirar. In all the fighting the town of Pisae was razed. In the end, Borath died defending his new home of Pisae from Swiftish invaders. He died in a duel against the commander Darius, who was the legitimate son of his former master when he was a weapons master. Technically he died by the hand of his adopted son's half brother.