Artist's rendition of Boonlike

Boonlike was the first godspawn to be created. Boonlike was the opposite of humanity in the sense that nearly all of Boon's power was invested in him. Unlike Swift who spread out his power in many beings with the intentions of having it multiply with them and increase his power.

Boonlike used his great power to steal many of the humans and convince them of the greatness of Boon. This split the humans and was the second chapter of the Eternal War.

Visible creations of BoonlikeEdit

Besides the theft of a large portion of the human race, Boonlike has a few notable achievements that people could readily point to. There was the theft of the godspawn Swiftlike, the creation of the Great Wall, the creation of Kel'Moran, the teaching of mages and wizards, and the destruction of the godspawn Swiftish. Largely however, the tasks he preforms are hidden from human eyes.

Boonlike during the Final WarEdit

After the Zealandian energy enveloped the world and Swift destroyed Boon, Boonlike sacrificed himself to prevent Swift from destroying the entire world. Using every scrap of energy he could muster, Boonlike destroyed the moon which was hurdling towards the planet and wiped out Swift in the process. His sacrifice was only known to a very few, as by then, most of the world was barely aware of his presence.

Boonlike: Weapon of Mass DestructionEdit

The misguided followers of the New Boon created a weapon of mass destruction capable of destroying the entire planet. Seeing as nothing short of god could compare to the weapon they had created, it was aptly named "Boonlike". If the original Boonlike had been alive to see this, he would have been completely horrified.