The assassins were a small group of warriors trained in the skills the godspawn Boonish had developed during her worldly travels. They are trained on the island of Kel'Moran which was pulled out of the sea by Boonlike as a gift to his sister. On this island, under Boonish's design, Boonlike filled the island with powerful murderous beasts that mimiced demons to give live training to the fledgling assassins. An assassin is generally a female and selected as a young child, usually an orphan of war, which are abundant. These children are taken to the island where they spend several hours every day learning the techniques of the assassin under the guidance of a strict master. The rest of thier time is spent merely surviving using the skills they have been taught. Although they never know it, the younger assassin trainees are always under the watchful eye of thier assassin master. The master protects the trainee from the graver threats and does just enough to keep the trainee alive until she (or sometimes he) is deemed skilled enough to survive on thier own.

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