Alexander was Barak and Carol's son. He was raised as a warrior and a diplomat and as a possible leader if King Barak had an untimely demise. He died in the second Zealandian civil war.

Alexander's early lifeEdit

Alexander was born in the town of Zealandia about a year and a half after his father and mother made it their home. He was still an infant when his father, mother, their companions, and the rest of the Zealandians took Viriathus. His earliest memories involved living in the castle though his parents made it very clear to him that he was not a prince, and it was impressed on him at an early age that any status he was to obtain was to come from personal achievements only, as was the Zealandian way. As he started to get closer to puberty his mother and Langdon began teaching him the ways of the mage. Barak knew that his son would be a quarter demon and set about teaching him the meditation techniques taught to him by his father, Borath.

When he was eleven, his mother committed suicide. While this was hard on young Alexander, he showed great internal strength in handling his mother's death. Brian smelled something foul afoot and requested that Barak allow Alexander to train with him with the White Crows. While training under Brian, Alexander became very schooled in the ways of fighting, he also became very close with Cormorant.

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